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thinc! Mentoring gives you the chance to develop yourself, build up a unique network with experienced founders and experts and receive professional support that will help you get closer to your personal and professional goals.


Get hands on experience from successful founders

Find mentors from a wide range of industries that aligns with your personal goals and get to know them from a completely different perspective.

Growth Potential

Grow your business by getting to know the mentor's network as well as using the mentors own expertise!

Learn from Experts

Discover new approaches to solve your startup struggles using the knowledge of your mentor.
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Get to know our mentors

Here's how it works

Before you apply, do yourself the favor and briefly familiarize yourself with the overall strucutre of our offered mentoring program.

Choose your preferred mentor

Go through our mentor list below and applicate for three of them. Attention, the mentors have different application formats (if more than one is stated, you may choose)! We will also create buttons showing which mentors have many applications, which will increase your probability of having a match. A red buttons tells you e.g. that the mentor has already received many applications.

After matching with your mentor

We will inform you about the match via E-Mail, so you can get in touch with your mentor to arrange the first meeting.

During the program

The mentor-mentee relationship can be arranged individually. It is recommended to have meetings every two weeks or at least once a month. Prepare topics and talk about your questions and struggles that are related to your start-up path with your mentor.

End of the program

The program will officially end at a given date after the semester. But we still hope that you and your mentor keep in touch! 

Get to know our mentors

Find mentors from a wide range of industries that aligns with your personal goals and get to know them from a completely different perspective. Again: If more than one application method is stated, feel free to choose!

Alex von Frankenberg

CEO @ High-Tech Gründerfonds

Alexander Aran

CEO & Co-Founder @ EQWAL

Alexander Maier

Head of Account Management @ Solarisbank

Alexander Schwörer

Owner @ Peri SE

Barbara Stegmann

CEO & Co-Founder @ living brain

Burak Elmaci

Investment Analyst @ btov Partners

Dan Seiler

Co-Founder & COO @ nextx

David Reuter

Chief of Staff @ PowerUs

David Schäffler

Investor @ Hannover Digital Investments

Felix Schües

Investor @ LEA Partners

Florian Endres

Investor @ LEA Partners GmbH

Heiner Stinner

Co-Founder @ Throne

Julia Stadler

Co-Founder @ Weitergründer

Julian Specht

CSO & Co-Founder @ living brain

Julian von Fischer

Partner @ 42CAP

Kai Hesselmann

Co-Founder @ DealCircle

Kardan Beytas

Capstone Project @ Strands

Kilian Graulich

Founding Partner @ Prediction Capital

Laurin Class

Investor @ Earlybird Venture Capital

Leo Lerach

Principal @ Project A Ventures

Leopold Augustin

Visiting Analyst @ Redalpine

Lucian Rilling

Investor @ HV Capital

Magnus Schwab

Investor @ Picus Capital

Manuel Altmeier

Junior Partner @ McKinsey & Company

Martin Picard

Founder & CEO @ Störtebekker

Mehmet Uludogan

Investor @ General Atlantic

Michael Altendorf

CEO & Co-Founder @ Adtelligence

Mickael Bellaiche

Partner @ Redstone

Moritz Stoldt

Founder @ Enwendo GmbH

Nils Berger

Principal @ LEA Partners

Nils Seele

Partner @ LEA Partners

Nils Unterharnscheidt

CEO @ Partners Creative Consultancy

Petra Vo

Founder & CEO @ V|O Coffee

Philipp Emig

Vice President @ Picus Capital

René Haas

Co-Founder & CEO @ NeoCarbon

Richard Würl

Investor @ Redstone VC

Sebastian Frederik Jacobsen

Co-Founder & CEO @ Mateo

Sebastian Schleicher

CTO @ Blinkist

Silvain Toromanoff

Co-Founder & CTO @ NeoCarbon

Thore Iles

Visiting Associate @ BCG

Vlada Labzeyeva

Investor @ 468 Capital

Zoran Kokolanski

Product & Investments @ bldrs
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More Information

Any further questions?

Can I postpone mentoring calls if I'm busy?

You should never try to force a call. This will only make both parties feel uncomfortable. We advise you to explain the situation to your mentor - maybe he or she is up for some small talk to get to know you better personally instead. If he or she suggest to postpone or cancel the call instead, don't feel discouraged! Most mentors are very busy, which is why they prefer to invest their free time elsewise, if there is no actual need from your side.

Who should contact who first?

Some mentors will reach out to you on their own, some will wait for you to do so. In general the main initiative should come from you as most mentors are very busy minding their own companies and have a limited amount of time available. As soon as you receive your matching mail, which is your official "go", you are allowed and strongly encouraged to contact your mentor.

How should I prepare for a call with my mentor?

There is no right or wrong for this question, but one approach we would strongly suggest is to set up an agenda prior to the call and to think about some questions or topics which you want to adress beforehand. This way you can show your mentor your interest and determination, which will make him or her feel more comfortable with you and help your conversation to flow more naturally.

Can I participate without having a founding idea?

Of yource you can! The thinc! mentoring is beneficial to all of you being interested in the world of startups and venture capital. Even if you are still not sure about what to found in the future or how exactly to achieve this goal, thinc! mentors can give you guidance on your existing ideas and plans, but can also help you developing those.

Do mentees have to be a thinc! member?

Yes, in order to participate in this program, you must be a member of our initiative. You can simply sign up for your membership on our homepage. Let's use this chance to remind you that there is absolutely no cost involved in being a thinc! member.

How time consuming is mentoring for both parties

You can decide for yourself how often to contact your mentor as this program is all about you. Most mentor and mentees usually have a call every two weeks or at least once a month for about an hour.

Contact us for more information

Simply shoot a message to the team.