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At thinc! we are passionate about startups. If you are so too then check out what we as an initiative have to offer!


Let us introduce ourselves!

Welcome to thinc! the student initiative for entrepreneurship at the University of Mannheim. Whether you are interested in founding your own startup or just want to be with like-minded people that value innovation and the entrepreneurial mindset as much as you do, thinc! will be the right place to start your journey at.

Member introduction

Meet some thinc! members

Heads up! Always keep an eye on our content hub in order to stay up to date about the latest thinc! events and other startup related content which might be valuable to you.

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raphael beer

The best booster for founders

Since my first semester at the University of Mannheim, I have benefited a lot from thinc! both as a member and as part of the team. During the many, very well-organized workshops, I was able to learn incredibly relevant things that helped me with my own startup. But also the Foundertalks held by very successful founders have been enormously helpful and inspired me a lot.


Get inspired

Whether you want to start your own business or just get a taste of start-up air, thinc! stands out for its diversity. Different courses of study, views and horizons of experience give everyone the opportunity for exciting conversations and inspiring encounters.

Make new friends

As usual with entrepreneurship, we are all super open-minded and outgoing. Everyone is welcome here and will quickly make new friends who share the same vibe. With the perfect mix of passive and active members, you'll meet familiar faces at the events as well as new people all the time.

Found your startup

With numerous events and offers, thinc! supports everyone in setting up their own business. Whether it's a personal mentor or many master classes and workshops on start-up-relevant skills, we have it all. In addition, we have contacts for specialist topics such as founder scholarships, website design or tax law, where our members can get free advice.

Gather experience

Our members can not only gain helpful skills and knowledge at our masterclasses and workshops, but also get their first real-life experience at start-ups and companies. For this purpose, we collect exciting offers for internships, student jobs and career entry on our job wall.

Statistically Speaking

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Content Hub

Startup content made just for you

Heads up! Always keep an eye on our content hub in order to stay up to date about the latest thinc! events and other startup related content which might be valuable to you.

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We're having great support

As our initiative doesn’t ask for membership fees we are proud to have strong partners and supporters on our side helping us to keep the startup spirit alive.